Our Approach

Our approach with organization orientation gets along with employment generation and granting livelihood for many of the eligible individuals.

Padmabandhu stands elevated on the foundation of its values - standards of delivering quality and outstanding real estate spaces, ensuring customer satisfaction, and redefining lifestyle of people.

Our Story

Padmabandhu is blessed with a professional team of experts with decades of expertise in the realm of real estate. With a passion to innovate and a dedication to deliver far more than the expectations of its customers, each member of the team works together to achieve the collective dreams. Our projects reflect the craftsmanship of team members.


We aspire to be the nation's top real estate company, while continuing to be the most trusted name in the industry.


To achieve highest level of quality with exceed customer expectation of their dream house within the budget at affordable price.



Founder & Chairman & Director

Inspired by Nature.

Symbol of Reality

We are so thankful to all our customers and well wishers who are giving their endless support for Padmabandhu. With all your support we are in supreme position in Andhra Pradesh real-estate market.

I am so thankful to all our customers who had stood as our brand ambassador and our honor staff who were strictly maintaining Quality and Transparency.

I am so thankful to Almighty who has given such a great opportunity to serve my society and my customers.

 I wish all my customers and well wishers to have great life with bunch of happiness throughout this year. wish u a very happy new year.

Our Core Values

Padmabandhu Core Value is a CREATIVE.

  1. Commitment      -     We keep our word.
  2. Respect                -     We value people.
  3. Ethics                   -     We build trust with our clients transparently.
  4. Appreciation       -     We constantly improve existing standards.
  5. Teamwork           -     We deliver outcomes through innovation.
  6. Integrity               -     We do the right thing.
  7. Victory                 -     We ensure our customer satisfaction.
  8. Excellence           -     We give our best.