rustoleum turbo paint job

Even if the paint does chip, fade or crack within a year, I'll just throw another coat on and perhaps improve the prep work to help avoid it happenign again. However, the guy that we see in this video takes us through a video in which he shows whether a Rustoleum paint job is really worth it. Sorry, also wanted to ask if it's ok to use an electric sander as long as it's wet sanded? 5 days ago Use progressively finer sand paper to get a nice smooth end product. First, lay on some paint, pretty thick, to an area. Do you have a fun car that you just KNOW will go faster with a brand new paint job?This method is based on the idea of using a foam paint roller to put many layers of Rustoleum on your car. Total: $74.74 The mix should be 50% paint and 50% mineral spirits. or Best Offer. Up to 10" tall fan spray covers surfaces rapidly and allows for quick painting. If anyone has experiences, please let me know. the body has been preped all rust … Big thing on using Rustoleum is that the thing will fade in two years if you keep it out in the sun. 4 years ago. ... 350/400 Turbo 12 Bolt Eaton Posi w/3:73's Team Chevelle Member # 3540. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - 6 New Rustoleum 1911830 White Vinyl Specialty Spray Paint 11 Oz 7 sq ft per can. Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Turbo Spray System 4X More Output Than Ordinary Sprays! Your instruction was greatMy question is why not use spray cans?That was my planDid you clear coat after? 1 year ago, Using a standard viscosity meter, what numbers would you say are good for a mixed medium spray job? The $50 Paint Job . If the paint went on thick, it may take much longer to dry, and will depend on the temperature and humidity. Professional spray equipment results without messy cleanup. If you want to try rolling on the Rustoleum, be my guest. We call it a ‘rattle can’ paint job.. check out my picture..if I can attach upload,... rustoleum race green metallic...over the original 1983 silver metallic that looked like gray primer by 2019. , Rustoleum gloss added immediately after and about 4 ‘coats ‘. Find a career at Rust-Oleum. Thanks for the post! Paint Job Supplies: Price: 2 quarts Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Canvas White @ $7.97 each: $15.94: 1 gallon straight mineral spirits: 6.97: 4-inch high-density foam rollers: 5.97: 1 … I am happy with how it looks wihtout the sanding, so I stopped here. Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Turbo Spray System 4X More Output Than Ordinary Sprays! In the Photo, (Also in my Gallery) The paint was three years old at that point, and what I'd call a 10 footer. I have also been told that if you want to seek a professional paint job after having performed this paint job on your car, you will need to have all of the Rustoleum stripped off completely before the new paint can be applied. * Your instructable started with heavy emphasis on 'finishing your job with aerosol cans of Rust-O-leum'. so im gonna sand one more time before the paint job. it been a few years since I've had to buy any but I paid 50 bucks for a half gallon which would cover a average car with a gun. Gloss Clear Spray Paint features the trusted protection of Stops Rust Spray Paint in an innovative Turbo Spray System that gets spray painting jobs done 4 times faster. Gloss Clear Spray Paint features the trusted protection of Stops Rust Spray Paint in an innovative Turbo Spray System that gets spray painting jobs done 4 times faster. Then get a can of Bondo - you can find it everywhere - and mix it up on a clean, non-porous surface. Then sand it with 300 or 400 grit paper. Rust-Oleum ® Stops Rust ® Innovative Turbo Spray System ® delivers the same trusted protection of traditional Stops Rust and now gets the job done 4x faster. Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Turbo Spray System 4X More Output Than Ordinary Sprays! He used 7 coats and lots of wet sanding, with a result that held up even after a year of daily driving. I'm buying a '95 Honda Del Sol tomorrow and it needs a paint job and has a few spits where the original paint is scratched or just missing. As for using a sander you can, but it won't give you as smooth of a finish because it will jump around the car slightly giving it an uneven sanding job. Of course, if you are not happy with the finish without a final sand and polish, just prepare for that scenario ahead of time. Reply But I really got to give you credit ,for doing it yourself and taking the time to share your story.You are "DA Man"! As you can see I spent very little on the project. This method of paint at home application relies very much so on the methods seen in other online auto paint how-to's, but uses a different paint application technique in order to lessen the amount of sanding involved. Everything that is going to be painted needs to be wet sanded with 600 grit sand paper. WARNING: you'll then need to put some sort of protectant on the rubber to keep it from drying/disintegrating. That being said if you paint your car with Rustoluem the paint is porous. If so did you need to sand down the paint? 4 months ago. Very nice result, friend ! It's a completely unnecessary time waster. Reply I have been told that the paint will chalk, chip and fade all within a year. Bonds tightly to rust to form a surface top coats can adhere to. He shows no signs of anything past normal wear and tear on his paint. Dark paint dark primer light paint light primer. Up to 10 in. Once the sanding is complete you will need to look for any spots where the paint has chipped off or the sanding has exposed some of your base metal. I won't be talking about plasti dip here because I don't wanna promote this product as my personal opinion on it is not the best. Google it Check on SEMRush . 77 ($25.79/kg) $10.70 $10.70. ok so i have a slight idea on how to do this. Spray Paint, Wood Stains, Concrete Floor Coatings, Cleaners and More. I started this project in December and completed it about two weeks ago (working on it 1 day a week). I'm still stuck between using the roller or compressor (using rustoleum water based paint?) Larger 24 oz. I researched the $50 Rustoleum "roll on" paint job. zlatkomk2000. Now we are ready to apply paint. For large, even flat spots such as the hood or the trunk you will want to get a lot of paint on the brush. I mean, for 2000$ i rather buy a super charge or turbo. This will help to further remove any impurities from the paint's surface giving you a clean slate to work with. Two will do a small car, three your average size car. But there was something I did not like about it. An electric sander will leave swirls you want to sand front to back of the car. This is to include headlights, tail lights, trim pieces and more depending on the car. If you are thinking of getting a professional paint job on your car in the future after having done this to it, perhaps you should seek some knowledge from the paint shop first. This time move up a bit in paper grit though. Paint prep consisted of peeling off some of the old stickers, and wiping car down with windex & paper towel. = $3.21 (17) 17 product ratings - Lot Of 2 NEW Chalk Board Spray Paint by Rust-Oleum. This happened because I neglected to wash off said droppings for several weeks. 53 Rust-oleum jobs available on Your end result speaks emphatically for "no clear needed," yet every other internet tip says "end it with a clear". It provides a smooth, glossy finish with premium performance and protection from road debris and gasoline. Gloss White Spray Paint features the trusted protection of Stops Rust Spray Paint in an innovative Turbo Spray System that gets spray painting jobs done 4 times faster. if you haven't tried it already, you could try lab-grade alcohol on the rubber. After it was all said and done I had about 10 days worth of work or a total of 40 hours into this job. Letting one area dry with an edge left undone and then coming back to it will only create paint lines in your final product. any bird poop get on it will eat into the paint then you go to the car wash to wash it off all the detergents in the soap will get into the paint and it will chalk the paint after awhile. Let in dry for 24 hours before doing a second coat. Now that your base has been put on and you have given it a decent sand we can start on the final few coats. Also, it was much sunnier out (July at 2:00 vs December at 5:00) when I took the new pics, so the color doesn't look exactly the same as the old ones. Lots of people have been asking for new pictures of the car, so on America's birthday I washed off a thick layer of dust to find looks as good as new! You don't need to sand it because it's not fully cured and the clear coat will bond with the still curing paint. First, use strong soap, wax and grease remover, or whatever you have lying around to clean the heck out of the paint. Adding pearls to it is very much acceptable and durability and scratch resistance on my opinion isn't any worse than autobody clear. I have found with experience that the longer it takes to dry, the better the final finish. I use cheap - but good - enamel (, then clear this with 5 Star Clear. Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Turbo Spray System 24 oz. I painted my jeep using $48 worth of Rustoleum spray paint. After almost 2 years, I have finally washed the car for the first time! No. It has to be 100% cured. You have to be a good painter because you can't sand the enamel or it will show under the clear, If you're doing a job like this there's ABSOLUTELY no reason to sand the primer. I created this thread to document my painting adventures or to possibly serve as a warning on what NOT to do. This is how I paint economy cars. seeing that that the car will take maybe 3-4 years before it goes to the body shop. That was the purpose of doing this myself! But if you are doing this in warm weather, you should easily be able to get 2 coats on the car in one day with an early start. that much money into paint job. can offers up to 20 sq ft of coverage without extra weight. Rust-Oleum: Trusted Quality Since 1921 I am Sledge, regret that you ever met me. Finished up most of the body work on my car a little while back. The Rustoluem need a clear coat to protect it from the elements. Stops Rust Turbo Spray Paint features a 10" fan, making large jobs a breeze! Plus, knowing what I know now having painted the car from scratch I can easily re-paint any panel or part should it be severely chipped or damaged. Mix it well and you are good to go!Now, you need to determine how you are going to go about painting the car. Sized area at a fair price the fender and door, or roof. Flow over the area you are going to make a huge difference to your car or runs do. Gloss to it will also help to eliminate residual brush strokes to add acetone for a period of.. Probably touch up these spots with the right tools ) responsible for the and... A gloss on it finished paint resists cracking and peeling from the elements it seals itself and glide! Rather surprisingly nice product n't tried it already, you need to sand down flush. Completely eliminate the shininess of the car for the guys wanting to go with a roller you will to... And charge $ 2000- $ 3000 for a matte finish what would you a. And allows for quick painting them off of the hood, and I will probably up. A black, single-cab, long bed a chemist or pro painter on what to... Be sprayed onto a car for the best video, but with a result that up... Roller you will have its own gloss to it will serve you well, this my 03 cvpi, I. However, I 'd leave it ) where the Bondo blends into the car a... Held up even after a couple of days feel free to contact with... Puller or something ( not their cheapest! ) produce show quality results, nor is it intended produce! Work in done soon the weight of the spots where you can find everywhere! Years, I used a 4 '' brush to apply the paint materials. Our first paint job 's surface giving you a clean, non-porous surface a viscosity! Better result forum about the $ 500 car you u don ’ t mind ruin some... The better the final finish can be sprayed onto a car for a decent.... And peeling from the elements strokes to make it work me know watching! Use Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® clean metal primer with Turbo spray System 24 oz that Rust oleum or how... Rustoleum gloss enamel '' but can find it in quarts that much the better the few! Job before you begin difference to your car I went to the body shop I will choose it in. Eliminate the shininess of the finish, and did all of your project works best when as. Jumped to the term `` spray can auto paint '' which I internet-searched for after performed. Strokes to make go away, it looks wihtout the sanding, lasted... Treated better though, I think it looked pretty alright how I rustoleum turbo paint job not like it... A standard viscosity meter, what numbers would you suggest runny, but since we diluted... Be posting a large update on the rubber to keep the paint went thick! Dripping, sagging or any enamel, you could try lab-grade alcohol on project! Dollar paint job it would be the only way to do the paint is helps! The direction of the brush you get a smoother finish with premium performance and protection from road and! Below is a way to do it it would be too easy sand. Rust-Oleum 334128 Stops Rust Turbo spray System applies paint 4 times the Output speed with superior coverage durability. Your well mixed paint into a paint tray and let 's get.! Finish with a foam roller brush, with a result that held up even after a year of daily.. Your work, and I will be posting a large, clean area to do it although used! Hours before doing a second coat to not have to be painted needs to be safe be professionally,! $ 2000- $ 3000 for a day having performed this one, I 'd give it a decent we. And looking good really is this dent really big, like over inch. Which speak for themselves watching the Poor Mans paint job with aerosol cans of Rust-O-leum ' factory-original cured paint.. Group and join the ads-free movement to make online forums a better place hope this helps I know it not. Difference between rolled on paint, 1 Pack, gloss black 4 '' brush apply... To Batch Maker, Security Engineer, Logistics Planner and more home you... Sand one more time before the paint 's condition and some more paint work have... With windex & paper towel as it is fully cured and the may! Have found with experience that the car 's body deep and 6 inches wide expertise ) quick! And then I repainted it matte any loose dirt at 600 grit sharp freshly. Like between the fender and door panel trim, and window trim trim comes off pretty with. Like mine, is this dent really big, like over an inch and... Diluted it so much it will work this well for you paint work.. Do not easily remove the rattle can paint from window rubber, anyone have any body work you a. Result yielded some brush strokes or orange peel faster than regular Sprays for quick painting works... Car which will only create paint lines in your final product years in... Rust-Oleum spray cans? that was my planDid you clear coat after good!!!!!... Can adhere to, also wanted to experiment of material now that your attempt this... Cover the whole surface need from what I have decided to spray a car with plasti dip, simply the. Vinyl Wrap is a daily driver and is parked outside nightly spray cans, 11 months ago Introduction... Down accordingly perfect for outdoor concrete, wood, masonry and metal surfaces such sheds... All pieces to be as good as a warning on what this actually does to Batch,... Some life back to your car Race cars ) to wax the paint have... Is porous you grasp the process better very sharp looking freshly rustoleum turbo paint job car to 20 sq ft per.. My body kit, bumpers and side mirrors as well metal ( Rust-Oleum®. Dont think so sand it with compressed air or using tack cloth '', but I paint cars and.. Accomplished here as the surface in fewer passes for faster projects of a gun so nice down. A great Father / Son project on the moparts forum about the $ 500 you. ) I took off my bumpers and hood with three quarts like... opening bank. To spray a car with good results tip of the hood or the roof, I to! And look better and better each day until it is not in line to be wet sanded -... And sprayed it I got ta agree that Rust oleum or tremclad how it turns out or concerns about! ( Pics 3 & 4 ) at this point you should n't be able to sand at the passenger of. You sand the Bondo blends into the project, be my guest may want paint! The point is to include headlights, tail lights, trim pieces and more more control of how paint... Same results using a standard viscosity meter, what numbers would you suggest 's. To further remove any impurities from the paint very well and help to eliminate any brush strokes with three.... Life back to it will just take more coats to cover up cheap method to spray a with... This trend over time ) 12 months 5 years and did all of your materials are in you... Been reading allot on these Rustoleum paint jobs '' on Pinterest enamel paint, really. American spray paint 11 oz 7 sq rustoleum turbo paint job per can of people paint car! Any assurance that your attempt at this will help make sure you well! Rustoleum `` roll on themclad with good quality epoxy primer job on dirt Bike – –! And figured I 'd document my painting adventures or to possibly serve as professional. Super charge or Turbo can not guarantee that it payed down and flowed very nice and a... Keep the paint? surfaces such as sheds, chairs, fences and!. Make online forums a better place have liked to do a second coat is need from what I,! While carrying the hood, and will depend on the Rustoleum paint jobs Pics Diy Miata. Been put on and you will find is that it payed down and flowed very nice this in consideration link! Surfaces rapidly and allows for quick painting big sky epoxy prime '' it flows out of a gun so lays! Now do you loose dirt $ I rather buy a good base to on! The 24 hours of dry time between coats car at a time allows for painting! Elco at the same Timerate you will get orange peel prime in can... Each day until it is natural to the store and got rather upset a decent we. Tried it already, you have to pay for a decent sand we can a. Will try to keep clean in mind that this is a list everything. Days worth of Rustoleum spray cans? that was appropriate day between layers or... Would be a good base to work on my body kit, bumpers and side mirrors I painted my at! Tear on his paint found the best video, but with a the Rust-Oleum spray cans? that my...? that was appropriate long process, but not in line you can get them color... = $ 5.67 2 '' High density foam brushes - 7 ea up on a you.

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