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Golden raisins (sultanas) are amber in color and somewhat tart--many cooks prefer them over ordinary raisins for baking and cooking. I am a former chef and you would be surprise to know that currants are not currants but a smaller seedless grape, black currants, red and white ones do not dry like raisins, I used them all when I was a chef, and have bought foods for restaurants and can say fully that they are really a dried grape not a currant, believe it or not. They are small and sweetly flavored with a wrinkled texture. The main difference between them is the variety of grape from which they originate. The difference in color in golden raisins and regular raisins comes from the way they are dried. Yes, that perennial question that fleets through the mind whenever you pick up a packet of dried fruit - well it does for me. Learn about the difference between a raisin, a sultana and a current with our expert. Currants-there are different currants:Ribes includes the currants, including the edible currants (blackcurrant, redcurrant and whitecurrant), gooseberries, and many ornamental plants. Saved by Erin Nudi Erin Nudi Raisins = dried grapes; Currants = dried grapes; Sultanas = dried grapes; Of course it isn’t quite as simple as that or raisins, currants and sultanas would all look and taste the same. Sultanas- The short answer, at least in this country, is that sultana raisins are golden raisins and you can find them everywhere. Customer asks "Do you sell raisins?" Currants are one of the oldest known varieties of raisins, with the only difference … Currants are small berries—either red or black—that grow on a bush; they're available fresh or dried. Currants are usually found in biscuits; sultanas are usually found in cake/pudding. The most common variety is Muscatel in Europe, or Thompson seedless in the USA. In addition to being smaller than raisins, currants have a subtler and slightly more tart flavor. Although subtle, their differences mainly lie in their taste, texture, and color. It could be that the sugar levels differ and that you prefer those in raisins and currants. Cadbury's have announced that its recipe for Fruit and Nut bars will now change after 90 years to include sultanas as well as raisins. Like I said, raisins are dried white-fleshed grapes. Currants are often used in freshly-baked scones, sprinkled over salads or stirred into a traditional hot cross bun recipe. What's the difference between sultanas and raisins? Raisins = any dried white grapes In America, they all originate from the Thompson seedless grape. I've got some really super-plump sultanas I was "gifted", they're super sticky ... and deserve to be made into a pudding with custard. Currants are dried, seedless Zante grape. Or it could be a combination of texture and flavour. This being said, there is no real discernible taste difference between raisins and sultanas. All are dried fruits that are high in anti-oxidants and sugar. Some are dried on the vine, in the open sun - their colour tends to be darker, others in ovens or kilns - so are more golden. Currants and raisins are both dried grapes. Answer (1 of 1): They are all made from grapes, but different types of grapes.Raisins are dried black fruit, usually from white grapes. The biggest producers, globally are Australia, the USA, Turkey and Greece.Sultanas are small raisins made from white grapes, usually the Thompson seedless (or sultana) grape variety. The Difference Between Raisins, Sultanas, and Currants While all three are types of dried fruit and used in similar ways, there are several things that set raisins, sultanas, and dried currants (both true currants and Zante currants) apart from each other. Raisins, sultanas, and currants are different kinds of dried grapes. different name. Raisins, sultanas, and currants are all sweet dried fruits that stem from different varieties of vine-grown grapes. Mar 22, 2015 - Discover the distinct differences and flavors between currants, raisins, and sultanas, as well as some of their culinary uses. What people think.... Raisins = dried grapes Currants = dried grapes Sultanas = dried grapes The reality.... Raisins = any dried white grapes Currants = dried Black Corinth (also known as Zante) grapes Sultanas = dried white seedless grapes,… The Difference Between Raisins, Sultanas, and Currants While all three are types of dried fruit and used in similar ways, there are several things that set raisins, sultanas, and dried currants (both true currants and Zante currants) apart from each other. "Not at the moment," I replied "but we have some sultanas and some provincial currants, will either of them work? What is the difference between a current, a raisin and a sultana. The difference between them is due to the variety of the grape used and way they are dried. Difference between: currants and raisins. Question: What’s the difference between a currant and a raisin? A currant also is one of the various shrubs belonging to the saxifrage family and the fruit of that shrub. Currants got their name from its place of origin – Corinth, Greece. "When her nose scrunches up and a look of disappointment spreads… Grapes belong to the genus Vitus and Currants belong to the genus Ribes. Raisins, Currants and Sultanas are dried grapes. The difference between currants and raisins is more complex than one would at first assume. Unfortunately, as soon as I put back the packet of dried fruit the question has long since disappeared - usually along with the reason why I took the packet out in the first place! The grapes start off with a green skin that tends to get darker as they dry. Raisins seem to mostly just loiter around snack packs/lunches ideas. Raisins are popularly from what they call Muscatel kind; Sultanas usually came from the country of Turkey because that is where they are produced. Let’s check it out. Common names for raisins include sultanas, currants and raisins. Currants (made from the Zante grape) are about one-quarter the size of ordinary raisins, and are typically used in baked goods. Raisins vs. Currants . What’s the difference: in form? Understanding what makes them distinct from each other can be a bit confusing given that they mean different things in different parts of the world. Black currants are often the variety that's dried, and they're smaller than raisins. Some currants are actually small, seedless raisins (dried grapes). The differences are primarily due to the different varieties of grapes used to produce them. in did you know, Ingredients, Is there a Difference Between Raisins Sultanas and Currants, raisins, sultana, what are currants, what are sultanas, by Food Like Amma, December 04, 2011 If you are getting ready for Christmas baking then you may encounter a few recipes which include various types of dried fruit especially grapes. Don't confuse them with the fresh sour berry that also called a currant. Not all types of grape taste the same, though, usually due to sugars, and perhaps due to phytochemicals in the different colours as well? This fruit tends to be very tart, which is a significant contrast to sweet raisins. Currants are naturally dried like raisins, which gives them their dark color. I therefore declare sultanas are the "best". The difference between currants and sultanas and raisins depends on where in the world you live. Raisins are made primarily by sun drying several different types of grapes. When dried, raisins are done in a natural manner with no added ingredients; sultanas are dried and dipped in acid and vegetable oil. At that moment we had no stock of raisins, but we had currants and sultanas. Some have sulphur added to keep their colour. Aug 2, 2017 - Discover the distinct differences and flavors between currants, raisins, and sultanas, as well as some of their culinary uses. Each has specific uses when cooking. They contain small seeds and have quite the sweet flavor. Definitions:. The Difference Between Raisins, Sultanas, and Currants, while all three are types of dried fruit and used in similar ways, there are several things that set raisins, sultanas, and dried currants … The difference is in their size and the types of grapes used. They can be used interchangeably with raisins in almost all recipes but unlike grapes, currants are mostly used in baked goods. Raisins are dried grapes. Currants, sultanas and raisins, including those still on the bunch, are known collectively as "raisins. Differences between types of raisins ‘Normal’ Raisins. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) (Zante) Currants. Raisins (dried grapes) and Black Currants are entirely different fruits from very different botanical families. Raisins vs Sultanas vs Currants. The processing differs for each. Prunes are dried plums. The technique for making raisins has been known since ancient times and evidence of their production has been found in the writings of ancient Egyptians. What exactly is a raisin? Answer: There are various types of currants. These are typically larger than Zante currants (which are also a kind of dried grape, not currants in the botanical sense), and the Thompson variety is smaller than many seeded raisins. Difference between Raisins and Sultanas.

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