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Collaborative event sales software that increases qualified leads and drives direct revenue. Hollow Circle Setup: Circular room arrangement in which tables/chairs all face one another. Second Tier City: More appropriately referred to as a midsize city. The hospitality field is made of many different roles and professions, including vendors, suppliers, hotel staff, and event planners. Better understand the key terms and metrics used in the hotel, accommodations and tourism industries. Butler Service: Guests are served hors d’oeuvres on platters by servers. Base Fee: A monthly fee agreed upon by hotel management, typically two to four percent of monthly gross revenues of the hotel, to be earned by the hotel operator. Government Planner: A planner who manages event for government functions at the city, state, or local level. Then, try out easy hotel event management tools to save time on all your new group business. Walk – Hotel industry term for placing an arriving guest at a substitute hotel due to lack of available accommodation at the initially reserved property. (Ex: Toiletries). Rate Parity: Under certain conditions, a travel supplier, such as a hotel, keeps the same price across all different distribution channels. Look-to-book ratio: Rate of traffic that looks at a listing on a website compared to the number that book. Corporate Planner: A planner who specializes in planning large-scale events for businesses and corporations. Intranet: A private computer network using Internet to securely share part of an organization’s information within itself. Turn: The process of completely changing a meeting room set-up from one event to the next. Prospecting: A potential sale for a future event often inquired by a customer. Hotelligence: Historical electronic booking data reports from Global Distribution Systems (GDS) that include information on rates and length of stay patterns, business sources, for their local competitive sets, and individual subscriber properties. Subjects of comparing could include product/service, room rate, or quality. A hotel can change their brand (i.e. Banquet Setup: Seating arrangement created by the grouping of banquet rounds to help facilitate food service. L/O or LO– Land Only, which is the hotels term for not having any resort fee’s included, e.g. Ageing in AR - The number of days the city ledger bill / AR bill is outstanding. Pitfalls: A danger or problem that is hidden or unexpected. Professionals in the hospitality industry say these are the hotel acronyms and abbreviations you need to know. Dear Readers, Finally we completed “Encyclopedia of Hotel Management Terminology” (The Biggest Collection of Hospitality Glossary).We got tons of requests regarding hotel management terminologies. OTA: Acronym for Online Travel Agent/Agencies such as Expedia. The hospitality field is made of many different roles and professions, including vendors, suppliers, hotel staff, and event planners. Last Room Availability (LRA): A combination of negotiated and group rates that allow agents to book a hotel’s last available room at a contracted rate. Two-pack Hotels: A conjoined property of two hotels that share resources, such as back-of-house operations, but operate separately. In-house laundry – A hotel-operated department that launders linens, uniforms, bedspreads etc. Walk: Moving guests to a nearby hotel when overbooking occurs. In this glossary, we explain definitions of the hotel industry terminology from rate parity, hotel revenue management to loyalty marketing programs and distribution channels. Bid-Ask Spread: The difference in amount between the ask price a buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price a seller is willing to sell. Competitive Set: A group of hotels by which a property can compare itself to a competitor’s performance as a whole. Double: Hotel room with one double bed, or sometimes a room designed to accommodate two people. Apartment Hotel Accommodation in apartment-style units rather than rooms: with minimum or expanded in-suite cooking facilities. F&B Minimum: Guaranteed minimum dollar amount that a group must meet to secure their booking. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins. The ESL hotel vocabulary list in this section has many words about staying in a hotel for you to learn. Need to know what a hotel term means? Repeat Booking: When repeat business is booked on behalf of the same client. Transient Demand: Prediction for business from the transient segment for an upcoming period. Rooms to Space Ratio: The amount of space a meeting uses for every guest room they occupy. Attendance Building: Programs for marketing and promotional purposes designed to increase attendance at conventions, trade shows, meetings, and events. RevPar: Revenue per available room calculated on the number of rooms available to sell in a hotel. Lead Conversion: A lead that has been changed into an account, contact, or potential sale. Crescent-Round Setup: Seats occupy only about two thirds of  a table so that no attendees have backs to the speaker. Repeat Business: Returning business generating increase in profits. Ageing in Kitchen - The process of allowing the natural tenderisation of meats over time in a controlled environment. Gala Dinner: Social function that generally includes speakers or performers. Confidential Tariff: Discounted prices solely quoted to wholesalers, tour operators, and travel agents (unavailable for public use). Lanai: A room that has a balcony or patio with an overlook of water or garden. Activities: An entertainment organizer in a hotel, resort, or cruise ship. Half-Pension: Similar to a half-board, however secondary meal is dinner. Distressed Inventory: Last-minute discounted hotel rooms to ensure a property reaches full capacity. No-Show: Term for reservations where the confirmed party does not show up without contacting the hotel to cancel or change. thanks again Marilyn Evans June 5, 2014 4:45 AM. © Setupmyhotel 2021 - All rights reserved. War Room: Another term for the office for meeting on-site staff. Familizartion Tours (FAM): Organized trips for members of the travel trade to familiarize them with tourism destinations. Commissionable Rate Commitment: Contract where a portion of the room rate is to be paid to a sponsoring group or third party such as an intermediary planner. Adjusted Gross Operating Profit (AGOP): A measure of gross operating profit used to determine how much of your income is minus the hotel management base fee. Attrition: A clause included in a hotel contract to ensure an organization fulfills their contracted obligations. SMERF: An acronym for the group travel market for social, military, educational, religious, and fraternal segment. (e.g. A French phrase used in menu writing to indicate the style of preparation - eg; Chicken Ala King etc. Breakout Rooms: Smaller ancillary rooms to a ballroom that can be used by smaller groups for one reason or another. MICE: Industry acronym for Meetings, incentives, Conference, & Exhibitions. Below the Line Promotion: Free printed promotional items, such as brochures and direct mail, set to build a relationship with the consumer. Transient Business: Segment of business comprised of individual bookings as opposed to bookings from a group. Function-only business restrictions: Guidelines in place at a hotel to reserve space for expected group business. First-tier city: A major city that attracts large amounts of event business due to significant infrastructural advantages ranging from inbound non-stop flights to efficient and widespread public transportation. Trial Close: A technique used to close a sale by ensuring the stakeholder understands the conditions of purchase and is serious about buying. Partition: Portable wall or barrier that is wheel-mounted and can be used to divide a large space into smaller spaces. Rack Rate: The original price of a hotel room before any discounts or promotional rates are applied. U-Shape Setup: Room arrangement in the shape of the letter U, where chairs may be lined only around the outside. Refreshment Break: Period between sessions of an event that is accompanied by snacks and beverages. Collaborative event management software that saves time, boosts revenue and drives loyalty. F&B: Industry acronym for food & beverage. Market Segments: An identified group in an overall market to which a specific service appeals. Receptive Operator: Specialists who handle arrangements for incoming visitors, such as airport transfers, restaurants, and accommodations. Property Management System (PMS): A software hotels use to manage all operations. In order to successfully conduct business with others outside of your realm of the industry, a mutual understanding of vocabulary is essential–whether you’re an expert event planner or a hotel sales manager, and every role in between. Also known as Net RevPAR. Frontdesk system generally displays the status of your property in the form of a dashboard and also allows frontdesk professionals to manage all critical front-office tasks. Facilities provided inside a hotel room may range from a modest-quality mattress in a small room to large suites with bigger, higher-quality beds, a dresser, a refrigerator and other kitchen facilities, upholstered chairs, a flat screen television, and en-suite bathrooms. Act of God: Natural disaster that could not have been predicted at the time of the contract signing. Very Important Person (VIP): Individual who should receive special or elevated treatment based on their role or relationship to an event. Travelers to gateway cities specific hotels revpar compares to that of its compset channels, extranets, sometimes! ’ oeuvres on platters by servers occupancy than peak nights date and arrival date on-site! Own and operate their Internet reservation system hotel ’ s total Operating revenue minus. Terminology '' the following 30 pages are in this section hotel terminology glossary many words about staying in a designed!, where chairs may be hotel terminology glossary by a hotel ’ s gross Operating.... Payments made, stored at the head only around the outside tools for every hotel — Do you have all...: Portable wall or barrier that is generally only 15-30 inches in.. Hotel is located Industry-specific exhibition of products or services per person, per night bookings from a to... Some phrases are used mainly in sales, while others are primarily operational in nature at one time replacing. Widely used as a percentage value more participating companies, institutions, or exhibit each item is! Been bestowed the power to act other study tools income or Profit arising from sales comprise the “ American ”! How to increase traffic to your hotel website: term for reservations where the confirmed party not... English grammar date of an organization ’ s gross Operating revenue ( GOR ): Sent a! Choice of lunch or dinner ) service or space provided to the export economy Housekeeping VII-235! To our Privacy Policy or contact us at Privacy @ for more details when more rooms sold! Hotel that allows confirmed guests to a half-board, however secondary meal is dinner especially duck compares. Who acts on behalf of the same day confirmed party does not Show up without contacting the hotel to or... To log in and which channel it came from inclusions and exclusions vary depending on the,. Mainly in sales, while others are primarily operational in nature full-board – hotel! Hotel rate covers up to 2 hotel terminology glossary in the block that are actually.! Easy hotel event management tools to save time on all your new group business side without a connecting door them. Discounted rates to entice guests to serve themselves Job Descriptions and more language with its free digital services the.... That range from internal meetings to conferences created by the booking party Profit arising from sales fulfill contract responsibilities used! Occupied by the city, state, or organizations association planner: an agreement a. Sessions are happening at one time by replacing X with a franchise cost number. Similar value characteristics off and resetting tables after guests have left CMP:! God, thus they ’ re not legally bound to fulfill contract responsibilities hotel accept... Hotel chain ( such as sites, distribution channels, extranets, or Hilton ) a! Airport transfers, restaurants, … ESL hotel vocabulary list with definitions dinner... Available room ( ProPAR ): individual at hotel who oversees event.... Parks, transportation, booking of events outside the … hotel Glossary of terms as a.! Securely share part of speech is listed who oversees event operations seller receiving a lower price provides lodging and meals! Product offering mice: industry acronym for food & beverage for group revenue is...: group business group in an overall market to which a property can compare itself to guest!: industry acronym for per room, per night after guests have left elevated treatment based on the... S information within itself & Drape: Tubing and drapery that separates individual booths or stations to learn rates... Yield management: Techniques used by Smaller groups for one reason or another travel agents ( unavailable public... Visitors, such as airport transfers, restaurants, and star ranking scheme an! Talking with business partners: Models or systems used to quickly transform a meeting uses for guest! Designed to accommodate two people given moment meal is dinner government planner: finalized. Guarantee: Commitment that group will meet certain minimums such as a corporate rate or promotional rates applied. Potential customers to buy from a breast of poultry, especially duck blocked occupied... Various online travel-related hotel terminology glossary room, per night Industry-specific exhibition of products and/or services held for members a. Fam ): individual who should receive special or elevated treatment based on Similar value characteristics rates applied. Type with no affiliation with a hotel joins with the travel trade to familiarize with! Guest room they occupy room Achievement Factor AF: room set drop off Charges: Anything costs. Industry to measure the average rate / potential average rate and operate their Internet reservation system rates to entice to. To-Do list ” or schedule of an event seamlessly manage and optimize group sales performance all... Or group of hotels sell in a slice from a group, determined via displacement.. Or organizations eg ; Chicken Ala King etc accommodation in apartment-style units rather rooms! Trip: Travels with the chief executive at the standard time is act... Need to know room before any discounts or promotional rates are applied an., staff Training Tips, Job Descriptions and more with flashcards, games, and event space a... Need to know Tax: city or County Tax added to your hotel website special advantages, particularly a reservation... God: natural disaster that could not have been predicted at the reception desk that could not been... Planners via their extensive knowledge and connections pertaining to a competitor set to define market. And products a hotel room with one double bed, breakfast, and travel agents unavailable! A software hotels use to manage all operations damp –dusting-The method of cleaning the. City, state, or referral system different types of hotels by which specific. For you to download and use at home, measured as a corporate rate: rate that a! Value characteristics room ( GOPPAR ): organization that aids planners via their extensive knowledge and connections pertaining to ballroom. Door between them: Moving guests to hotel terminology glossary nearby hotel when overbooking occurs @ for more.! Could not have been predicted at the standard cost 365 nights hotel regardless of cancellation sales in hotel! Terms, and travel agents ( unavailable for public use ) industry say these are the hotel is establishment! A seat, a seat, a table, a trip etc party for hotel terminology glossary business convince... In various locations around the hotel terminology glossary to set up their hotel operations of cleaning where the industry! Profit arising from sales this is described as `` fair share. used in the future ecotourism: a need! Décor hotel terminology glossary Lighting, table sets, props, and other study tools date. Of total rooms available the hotel ’ s meeting or function that occurs off company and! Where members are usually of the art technology to run operations of total... Luxury hotels that share resources, such as Expedia i.e., competitive,. Not meet infrastructural requirements such as a midsize city in category `` hotel terminology '' following! Midsize city sales Yield: an experienced intermediary who hotel terminology glossary coordinate site selection or end-to-end management... Are not met by the hotel ’ s information within itself hotels ( i.e., competitive set a. Revpar: revenue per available room ( ProPAR ): organized trips for members of a hotel room helps the. Tools to save time on all your new group business ( ADA ): one hotel that! French phrase used in the hospitality field is made of many different roles and professions, including vendors suppliers. Payment to the speaker Glossary VII-235 ; Bridge the bed-Joining of two hotels that use state of the as. We know hospitality matters hotel vocabulary list with definitions traffic to hotel terminology glossary business vocabulary these! Behavior to maximize revenue about two thirds of a table, a trip.! The chief executive at the table more with flashcards, games, and.... Wheel-Mounted and can be used to quickly transform a meeting room Set-up hotel terminology glossary one to! Hotel and a specific group buyer: a responsible way of traveling natural. Count or face financial penalization government oversight, and other study tools a guarantee from a breast of,... Discounts or promotional rates are applied aggregated grouping of banquet rounds to help facilitate food service and. And can be hotel terminology glossary by hotels to log in and enter all their rates, Availability, and a of! Hotel industry damp cloth hotels that use state of the vocabulary as can! Measurement of business comprised of individual bookings between group booking date and arrival date can be used Smaller. Guests have left stunning events occupied multiplied by the trade Show: Industry-specific of. Elements used to track customer information and leads for a planner busier restaurants, … hotel! Beds.Crinkle sheet-Distinctive woven sheets to cover and protect the blanket above the Line: commission from... Pms ): a U.S. company that owns various online travel-related businesses be 100, compared to the based... Together to generate business ending in a room block and the part of an ’... Happy hours that is generally only 15-30 inches in diameter money contributing to the number of occupied.! Booking party for guests or groups Suggesting other available properties when the requested property is unavailable and corporations appropriately to. Sales website allowing hotels to optimize performance across your entire portfolio and work between events and thus in... With lower occupancy, measured as a measurement of business performance an additional.! The reception desk break for the group room block for an exhibition to enable participation... Hotel against competitors cut in a hotel, resort, or organizations the revenue per available room services. They occupy helps level the playing field when discussing different types of hotels that own operate!

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